It’s gonna be a long drive home / without you shotgun or buzzing my phone is a nightmare / Do I even have a voice here? / I put up a wall / But wouldn’t have guessed that you would take offense and start a fight there / I had my finger aimed toward you but you missed the point, dear / I don’t want to seem unfriendly but I don’t want to be your friend / I’m in a fantasy dreaming of a happy ending / But you were my reality and you set in / Sugar let your hair down; show me that you care now / want a fairy tale? I/m ready to rhyme / The stars will glow; the wind will blow / At the top of your tower I’m tempted to climb / Let your hair down, love is in the air now / I’m well aware now we’ll be all right / If you go down I’ll stand my ground / Cause I don’t want to settle for the next best ride / That was a dead end road / And it left me a wreck and with nothing to show / But the state I was in through the words I wrote / They help me grow / Or grow apart. Some songs break hearts you know? / Well this one was state of the art / I don’t want to seem unfriendly, but I don’t like playing pretend / I guess I’m just a sucker for a happy ending / Or bitter that it’s out of my hands / I guess I gotta settle for the next best ride cause I’m giving up / Today I’m gonna treat you friendly. I’ll take whatever I can get / But I won’t be sweet for long with my sugar gone / I’ll have this sour after taste ’til the bitter ends / So, if you’re dead set on leaving, run away while you can / I know when this wears off and I see what a loss caused me to give up / I’m gonna give in. So run quick / Run away while you can / Just run kid Run Kid Run / Come back [[Category:Capital Lights]]

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