I know that you, You are busy living your own life I can’t make you, Make you give me all of your time But I just wish it could be like it was yesterday I think it stinks that these stupid problems got in the way So let’s go back now to the times that were fun I’m so sick of the lies That someone else’s mind has won I don’t care what they think, I don’t care who all cares I just don’t want you to leave So tell me what you are and I’ll tell you you’re so much more than Anything you thought that you could be/ (So tell me now, tell me anything) So get your car, I’ll meet you sometime tonight I don’t care what we do, we can get in a fight I’m so tired of living in this small, enclosed can So let me out, we’ll have some fun, I’ll let you let me make the plans Why are we waiting on someone else to tell us how it should be, I’ve all ready found it, and God didn’t tell me to waste these dreams I see you trying So hard to run the race to the finish line But all this stuff keeps getting in the way

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