pray, Christian, pray, O that the fires of your hell might warm the dreams of the poor all is well, all is well nothing is well when the weak are held underneath slow your words, let ’em cease, careless chatter will not bring peace (chorus) the kingdom of God is in our midst silently crouching, now it sits waiting for it’s people to awake seek the wave before it breaks build, Christian, build, O if only the guns of defense that you store, discerned justice and secured all is well, all is well nothing is well when a child goes underneath bear your arms, but show some heart to subject and silence is not God’s peace (chorus) look, Christian, see, O that the masses in your church would rush into the line of fire all is well, all is well a conscious numbed, eased, killed golden pockets, pockets filled peace is not found, it’s built on sacrafice [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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