Life, Scars, Apologies-SINCE OCTOBER

There’s a part of me that’s coming undone When tragedy cuts too deep The scars that it leaves Will remind me that love can be found In between the seams of life, scars, apologies I’ve been through enough to know That the water gets rough Life and love, death and drugs I’ve been through enough And my scars are the proof There’s no hiding the truth Guilt and shame on display Is this as real as its feeling? All my dreams are the cost From all the battles I’ve lost Mocked and judged, sweat and blood My dreams are the cost But crying won’t stop the bleeding Cut too deep, I need healing Wants and needs, apologies Is this as real as its feeling? Is this as real as I’m feeling? I’m not proud of the scars that I’ve made But they remind me of what needs to change Is this as real as its feeling? [[Category:Since october]]

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