Like Drawing Blood From a Baby-THE INSYDERZ

My soul crashed down with the poke of a pin To drain the vein of the life within The tears streamed down That precious skin And I held you close I soaked you in All she’s praying for Is some peace, a smile, a cure Something we all know All to well That panicked scream That stuttered cry That gasp for air Those bloodshot eyes That tiny stab That look of fear That search for hope Your daddy’s here Dear God give me peace As she battles this disease All glory goes to you And when we’ve walked through that Fire With that hope that desire Let the world see our faith in you I’m standing there I can’t do a thing Praying to God That He hears me Please spare this child From this pain I’ve earned it all Put the hurt on me! Devil I know that you are there Better Listen up Open up your ears I vow today That when I die I’ll hunt you down Kiss it all Goodbye! [[Category:The Insyderz]]

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