With a shield and a sword He crushes evil in the name of the Lord In the fields of war His victory is the nails he bore With his head held high He speaks the truth and he hates the lie He’ll scream, he’ll die But God will raise him back to life! He’s a Live Wire He’s a Live Wire He’s on fire! With the bend of the knee He can move a mountain or part a sea He’s hot to the touch Like a burning flame that availeth much His life’s a flash He’ll crack the darkness like a razor’s slash But he loves and he cares He’ll pick you up when you’re in despair His arms are huge By the weight he carries of verbal abuse His back is torn With the agony of an open sore His face is marred The dried blood of an open scar The gates of hell shall not prevail ‘Cause he’s torn the veil [[Category:BloodGood]]

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