Livin’ For My Lord-KEN TAMPLIN

(Chorus) Livin’ for my Lord Holding on to all I’ve known Now the time has come Gotta stand my ground I’m taking life as it comes Oh Lord you keep me holding on Don’t really care what people say I know where I’m goin’ I found my way And I have the satisfaction Of that straight and narrow road It’s no emotional rection I’m gonna reap what I’ve sown ’cause I’m (Chorus) Well life ain’t easy as it seems Too many picture perfect dreams Just when you thought it’s said and done You realize it’s just begun Ain’t givin’ up on what I believe in For me it’s do or die I’m living up for all to see that I don’t need a place to hide (Chorus) Ain’t slowing down I’m moving on Pretty soon I’ll be long long gone I’m looking up to the sky and in a twinkling of an eye the clouds roll back and Heaven’s gate won’t hold back all those that wait the trumpets blast in one accord we’ll all be singing (Chorus) [[Category:Ken Tamplin]] [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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