Livin’ Large-KEN TAMPLIN

Big dreams, big cars Mega moguls and movie stars fast lanes, big names and their party wars Callous hearts, the perfect bod Edited perfection saying there is no God Such a shame, heaven laughs At this puny little game Standing on top, standing on top of the world Nothing can stop, their spinning in a whirl (Chorus) Cause they’re Livin’ large, livin’ large they’re livin’ large They’re Livin’ large, livin’ large they’re livin’ large Fine food, nine lives Sex drives in overdrive A little glitter, a little gold Never seem to get old We’ll I’ve seen the fire, I’ve seen the rain I’ve seen the heartache and I’ve seen the pain And when it’s all spent, down to the last You can’t buy back the past (Chorus) [[Category:Ken_Tamplin]]

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