Lost Generation-TAKE IT BACK!

I’m afraid to talk ‘Cause your scared to listen Will your judging eyes bring down Heavens fury? I might not say a lot But I’ll speak my heart So judge if you will ’cause I’ll still be screaming This is why we are here Broken bruised beaten down feeling used By the ones we put our trust in The ones who deserve it least This is why we are here Disgruntled youth in a room Screaming ’til our lungs are sore ‘Cause this is where we’re safe And I owe you nothing, This is not my apology. Instead this is to say That I’ll carry this burden With or without help, from the likes of you. And as I stand here a broken man Filled with broken words (and empty hands) I’ll keep singing broken songs to my one true love But now there’s broken windows in the halls of the church ‘Cause you cast the first stone So now that cold breeze Sends a chill up your spine As you realize all that’s left This is why we are here To give all that we have to give To hold nothing back in fear of regret This is why we are here Even after our voices have left I’ll scream until you hear me Until you hear me… [[Category:TAKE IT BACK!]] [[Category:Christian_metalcore]]

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