== VERSE 1 ==

Je t’aime Te amo Aishiteru Ani ohevet othka,
I love you The sounds are all as different As the lands from which they came And though our words are all unique Our hearts are still the same
== CHORUS ==

Love in any language,
straight from the heart Pulls us all together,
never apart And once we learn to speak it,
all the world will hear Love in any language,
fluently spoken here
== VERSE 2 ==

We teach the young our differences Yet look how we’re the same We love to laugh,
to dream our dreams We know the sting of pain
== VERSE 3 ==

From Leningrad to Lexington The farmer loves his land And daddies all get misty-eyed To give their daughter’s hand
== VERSE 4 ==

maybe when we realize How much there is to share We’ll find too much in common To pretend it isn’t there Repeat Chorus
== BRIDGE ==

Though the rhetoric of government May keep us worlds apart There’s no misinterpreting The language of the heart Repeat Chorus – 3X


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