There is a pressing question My heart’s been asking me: When I say "I love You Lord",
What does it mean? I know it’s one thing to say it,
And another thing to do; How can I show you it’s true? [Chorus] I’m gonna love You with my life. I wanna love You with my life. I’m gonna listen and obey,
I’m gonna live these words I say. I’m gonna love You with my life. Some people love with money; Some people love with words; Some people love because they love the returns; Yet with all these complications,
The greatest love is always found In the one who lays his life down. [Chorus] He said if we love Him,
We’re gonna do the things He told us,
Walk the path He showed us; So if you love Him,
show Him it’s true in how you’re living. If you mean it,
say it with me. [Chorus]
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