Can’t stop thinking ab-out you you’re all that I can see Pressing on to the s-ound of your voice calling me Midnight headlights and I’m almost home Every mile is bringing me to y-ou As I say ~Chorus~ Lovely w-oman I’m coming h-ome I’ve been gone too l-ong, from you You’ll be in my sights Long about morning l-ight And everything will be right When I’m with you I can’t wait to have you, in my arms again I won’t rest until m-y eyes are locked on yours and then A gentle kiss we’ll reminisce and talk ‘til sunlight While we laugh and dance under the sk-y As I say ~Chorus~ Every time I see your pretty f-ace (See your pretty f-ace) With everything that you make me feel (Everything that you make me feel) I need you to tell me I’m not dreaming ‘Cause it’s hard to believe that this is r-eal As I say ~Chorus~ Oh when I’m with you [[Category:Monk & Neagle]]

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