If you bark and bare your teeth If you foam at the mouth you got company The race is on to rule the streets ‘Cause it’s a mad dog world We’re all unleashed tooth and nail Fightin’ over a bone only to find the marrow’s stale You gotta survive or they’ll eat you alive ‘Cause it’s a mad dog world Where can you run to away from this place Into the arms of goodness and grace Where can you go where you will be safe From this mad dog world, oh where We’re all in heat, tail go tail Win or lose no matter what you choose The future’s pale Can’t satisfy those lusty eyes ‘Cause it’s a mad dog world Wolves are dining on fresh meat While the pups eat scraps that fall at their feet Their longest fangs lead the pack Runnin’ hard ’cause they’re clawin’ at your back [[Category:BloodGood]]

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