At what cost do I walk away, do I tear from me my own hate and let go? I have walked for so long. I have walked so far from being a saint and a long way from this holy ground my father made. Wandering feet remain without cause, without name. I carried this curse all the way, as I carried your hurt, as I carried your hate. Now I carry this broken body back to the beginning. I can rebuild these hands, rebuild this broken home. What will it take to forgive the fall of man, the fall in me? What will it take to forgive the fall of man? Rebuild these broken hands. Rebuild this broken home and make amends. Forgive the fall in me. With such subtle words the answer came like a call from that forgotten place. It will carry me. It calls to us. With all this darkness surrounding, Father would you even let us go home? If there is grace I pray it comes to us where my enemies walk as brothers beside me. [[Category:Letter To Exiles]]

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