Marshmallow Land-Mad At The World

Alright, yeah. In a marshmallow land with plastic smiles, synthetic styles, like a guessing game, Where there’s trees and a cool breeze, but no one can please me in this place, Where hearts don’t break, nothing to take, ’cause they gave it away, Where tears are gold, when you get old you’ll die in this place. A journey in the mind of the blind, yeah, where love doesn’t matter, Everything’s clear: it’s love that they fear, In a land of reality and dreams is where they’re living, Picture yourself dancing on flames of eternal ignorance, Love paranoia takes you, fakes you, and then it degrades you. Silence filled with violence, Someone’s sitting there in your electric chair, A hooded man stands waiting for the hour, then Satan smiles and throws the power. Marshmallow land, Marshmallow land, Marshmallow land, yeah. Take me too, yeah, Take me to Marshmallow land, Alright. [[Category:Mad At The World]] [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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