Masquerade Deceit-CRIMSON THORN

Endless deception claims death as obsession Ill spoken lie justifies the oppression Tempting corruption the minds that receive them Resulting realms of chaos and mayhem Constant decay destroys life that is living Twisted remains breeding the lies you’re giving Truth leads to terror in mere minds deceived Lies precede death for those who believe Misery Blasphemy Summoning Defeat Infamy Hypocrisy Masquerade Deceit Outraged emotions wasting unjust repression Freedoms abased in this worthless statement Deceitful release south in morbid desire Escaping of life to existence of fire Absence of power corruption in violence Commonplace evil ends hope of benevolence Crossover minds to existence worth while Preventing disgrace drains desire for the trial [[Category:CRIMSON THORN]]

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