Woke up this morning and got outta bed Thinking I’d flip on the tube Gang scene plane crash you can get quick cash and yeah this Bud’s for you Take out break out not another stake out Does anybody really care Don’t drink and drive Call a friend Yeah Johnny’s on at ten You too can be a millionaire Delirious are they serious Are we just curious Is it perilous Can you see the Media mania Stealin’ away our minds Media mania Another sign of the times Media mania Get a little action in Media mania Not again Yeah all the news and their twisted views Like I’m set up for the kill Gonna shove that stuff down your throat Are they breaking down our will Morals tossed at high cost Are we being brainwashed Can we get a message through Mesmerized advertised Are we being tranquilized And whatcha gonna do Nowhere to run Nowhere to hide Comfortably numb [[Category:Ken_Tamplin]]

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