Millstone Co.-CRASHDOG

word to the corperate bosses and the future elite a simple message from us to you to bring before your master’s feet written in the blood of the meek of this earth the ones you’ll climb upon to gain the rights of your birth (chorus) there’s millstones in your future bleached bones and gnashing teeth tombstones coming soon you sold us out…you sold us out sold us out, saw the future, turned your head, death’s distibuter the gifts that you bring us, they thrill and numb the mind our downfall awaits us at the end of your assembly line your poisons and your brews, they rock us in our sleep but one day you will find that the exploited aren’t cheap (chorus) your lust you’ve named holy, you’ve sactified you greed behold now your disciples, on you they wait to feed survival of the fittest, to some it may appeal ’til the God of the weak and broken closes every deal (chorus) [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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