Moons And Suns-MORTAL

Now the light is fading fast…if only it would last, Our time has come and gone, yet I’m still holding on to words I should have said and what they would have meant between old friends like us, Between us. How do I begin to say I’ve loved you since the day we waited for the rain, and how it never came? And for the years to come, through a thousand moons and suns, how you’ve remained my friend, Remember. And one thing will never change: that’s how I feel today, Know you’re closer now than ever, Let me close my eyes a minute and start from the beginning, Before life takes you from me, you have to know, Know. Now the night has come at last, Our time is fading fast, Just let me say that I will love you always, always. [[Category:Christian industrial/dance]] [[Category:Mortal]]

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