Oblivious to some things more in store And when I wept I knew not what Or when or why what for Is this earth so great though it will not last Through crashing walls what stands is One good thing one way one chance And glimmer shining up and through the floor Will run and hide and fade Just like He said it would before And now my head is really spinning fast I lived it all for me And now it simply moved right past Seeing, revealing More is here today Distance, no wisdom I pushed true life away ‘Wonderful’ have I missed and I ignore And ‘terrible’ was my word And was my life I became poor Self was in my hands and then it passed I’m left with picture perfect thought Of what we think we have Imagine when I found I’m no savior Imagine when I knew and saw And fell before the Lord Myself none of any good my world crashed I lived it all for me And so it simply moved right past. [[Category:Poor Old Lu ]]

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