More Famouser-CRASHDOG

i hear, i see the people fall down at your feet to look to you, to feel, to feed i watch, i fear how empty we’ve become to feast on what a dog would leave (chorus) famous envy envy the famous integrity left you, can you blame it? two faced friendly what would you sell to be famous here’s your trophy, come and claim it i sense, i taste the falseness that you put on for me how deeply buried is the reality what will you be if you become as they are? you’ll be a nothing, ’cause a man can not be a star (chorus) can i be more famouser please make me more famouser can i be more famouser even more famouser make me even more famouser than you, with the hardest core of all to the very top, where i can start my fall back down to the ground where it all began the pain of it all, being real again (chorus) approval of man, an empty trap the corperate perspective, it makes me laugh latest sensation, fool of the week respect undeserved with a real heavy beat (chorus) [[Category:Crashdog]]

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