Moshing Machine-The Swift

Moshing machine, you broke my arm Can you continue without any harm? Watch out for the little guy, ‘Cause if you make him cry Do you think he’ll be back here tomorrow night? Rainbows and pianos just ain’t your style, I fear you’ll miss why were here once in a while, Not that I think it’s wrong, It may be cool for a song, But don’t you think that you’ve had enough for tonight? Yeah, we see you there, Mr. Green Hair, Pardon me, Honestly, we love your shoes, But when they’re breaking pews, Can’t you see, it’s irreverency! We’re glad you’re here, But people live in fear when you’re around, So slow down and please play nice When you come back here tomorrow night. Moshing machine, Yeah, you broke my arm Can you continue, hey, without any harm? (Hey you, down in front.) [[Category:Christian_Hard_rock]]

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