My Girlfriend’s Famous-RILEY ARMSTRONG

queen of the drama, she’s so Gamma Gamma I’m mean sometimes she’s nice and sometimes she’s like… whatever she has got the attention of the entire male population but she still keeps me around like I’m an honorable mention why does everybody turn when she walks in the room and its easy to assume, no one even knows I’m there (Chorus) my girlfriend’s famous (what, no way), she makes me nervous (what, say say it again) my girlfriend’s famous, but I don’t know why of course she got a nice car, it goes fast, it goes far it matches everything she wears even matches where she parks behind every famous stride, she really has a nerd side she likes bowling and keep he CD’s alpha-ma-beti-zed maybe its the way her smile sets the stage she shows up just in time to boss me around… I don’t mind Chorus [[Category:Riley Armstrong]]

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