My Ignorance-SLICK SHOES

Last night as I slept I saw my life slip away. Then You were next to me. I couldn’t see Your face but I knew that it was You. Giving me a second chance. I’ll never really understand why I cannot comprehend Your love and grace. Why do I take pride in what I can’t control. How can I claim what isn’t really mine? What’s the point of my ignorance? The music that I see. The colors in the air. The breath in my lungs tonight. Why do I fight with You sometimes? So today I walk down this road again. I understand now, some of what You said. Sometimes I lack the strength I need. But You come through, every time I fail, You’re there to pick me up, when I need it most. When I’ve fallen hard You’re there no questions asked. You lift me up when I am down. Please open my eyes. Please help me understand. [[Category:Slick Shoes]] [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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