[Music and Lyrics by Lenaire] Just a boy, you will not remember half The things you’re going through right now How can I explain to you things don’t Always go the way you want them to I know you feel confused Your mother never wanted this for you She did her best but that he wouldn’t do You and I are brought together now by Wedding vows, vows that I have also made to you Flesh and blood though we are not I will love you as my own Now God’s love is all we’ve got Together we can build a home All I want for you is to remember this Never will I turn my back on you This world will lie to you and take you for a ride How can I protect you from this path Only God can show you that the lights in life burn fast Never forsake you precious days of youth I promise I will do my best for you Listen to me and I will listen too [[Category:TOURNIQUET]] [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]]

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