I walked outside one day, The sun wouldn’t look my way, Only darkness, I felt alone yet safe with you, I felt the promise to be true, Swollen teardrops drowned, The wind was blowing down. I felt His presence all around, A voice came through black thunder clouds, Tell me you’re scared. The rain kept drumming fast, (Such guilt) The devil tried to make it last, But to no avail. I prayed and cried that night, I hope that God can make this right, Just like He always did, I know I am Your son, My life has only just begun, To praise Your Holy Name, We praise Your Holy Name, Now, not alone, This can be made alright. You know my life, I’ll give it back to You, I know we are Your sons, We know are lives have just begun, To let the world know where we stand, We stand with You [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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