== CHORUS ==

It’s a new day Oh,
it’s a new time And there’s a new way I’m gonna live my life All the old has,
passed away And the new has come Thank God,
It’s a brand new day
== VERSE 1 ==

Lookin’ back on yesterday There are things that I regret But I put the past behind me And I never will forget You have covered my mistakes And my broken dreams Now over the horizon I see the dawn is drawing near And I realize the sun did rise Tomorrow’s finally here
== VERSE 2 ==

Now when I wake up thinkin’ ‘Bout the things I’ve done before Memories I could not escape Well they can’t haunt me anymore Now I can hold my head up high ‘Cause I am not the same You’ve changed my whole perspective And with new eyes I see I’ve become a new creation ‘Cause of what You’ve done for me
== BRIDGE ==

‘Cause of what You’ve done for me No,
I am not ashamed This heart of mine is finally free I’ll never be the same"


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