New Empires-TAKE IT BACK!

I’ve been tossing in my sleep Plagued by the things I’ve seen I see grown men in the streets Begging for food to eat I see a young mom in the church Shunned because her baby has no father I see a war on the TV That leaves orphans in the streets And I think to myself What a world we live in Where people use God’s name To expand their empires They say its just the way it is That I should just learn to accept it Well I beg to differ man I won’t give in You villainous men With your treacherous hands Have taken away all the meaning in this Road you claim to travel Is in the path of his steps All the while your the shell of a Christian man So I won’t tread lightly I won’t go quietly I won’t speak softly I won’t let you get the best of me This has to end here This has to end right now No longer can we wait for things to all work out Just open up your eyes And look past your front door Your sisters in the streets and your brothers at war Compassion has been lost In a nation built by greed But we could be a generation that is truly free No longer will we answer To a king who wears a crown But a king who ruled through peace Then laid his life down Rise up Rise up true sons of Zion I will be the change I want to see in the world [[Category:TAKE IT BACK!]]

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