No, No (Feat. Andale) BECKAH SHAE


I know that I could never be everything you expect me to be Cause I’m only human and your eyes and mind are too You may say that I’m actin a lil too silly,
giggling too much But let me tell you my joys just a result of the Holy Spirits touch And some may say my styles a little bit too crazy or maybe not good enough But that don’t phase me,
cause I know who made me And Christ gave me authority,
so I can do anything with the strength he gives me me oh No,
no I won’t stop till He’s done with me And nothing ever could or would ever make me be Ashamed or ever stop believing (so what are you thinking) No,
no I refuse to be discouraged,
I’m gonna keep on hanging on with courage The battles not mine it’s already been won,
so I’m gonna keep on giving till my time is done I love to lift my hands high,
and praise Him with everything I got It’s the least that I could do,
for this short time,
cause He’s coming soon You may even see me,
fallin down to my knees,
crying out oh God It’s my place of grace where I thank Him And you may think my praise is a bit too crazy,
or a little too overdone But that don’t phase me,
cause I know who made me And it really doesn’t matter to me,
what the world thinks Unless I’m a blessin cause I’m gonna keep professing I’m blessed to say that all my stressful days were yesterday Cause just today I chose to let my record play Mrs… Beckah Shae,
somehow all the static had automatically cahnged me from a cat that was happy to one more dramatically angry,
plainly I’m still standing hands vertical,
eyes closed,
still scribbling lyrics with the urge to reach lost souls,
cause I was a lost soul deliver me Heavenly Father I pray that verbal biography,
listen and follow me,
cloudy skies sort of symbolized the feeling inside of me,
cup overflowed with drama till it spilled in my diary,
so I can understand why people cry when they thank God,
don’t be discouraged put your hand down someone has the same cards

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