No One Leaves This Room Sick-SLEEPING GIANT

Who’s the foolish man? The one who bows his will To a sick and defeated foe The one who fights Step from the crowd of the dying From the shadows Sickness, and panic, and death Until you rise Hell fight me This is the war I was made for Love over all Fight me In this hollow faithless, shattered reality Ill never fall Immanuel I am not my own Immanuel I am not alone Move from the slave state Into the moment, of youth speaking earth’s fate The highest truth Though our number is small Were slowing growing, and we heed only king’s call As he declares I must have, all the hopeless I hold the pure staff Shepard of truth Trust my work in you As you believe me, I entrust myself too And I declare Fight me Come and fight me To the generation I’ve seen in my dreams, you’re the only option the dying world has Its no longer time for us to play church, it’s time for every one of us to stand up and depend solely on the presence of the spirit of God inside. Kill me, smash me to the ground You’ll never defeat me Flesh and Blood I Must Prophesy I Will Prophesy To the four winds We must Prophesy Immanuel I am not my own Immanuel I am not alone Immanuel! [[Category:SLEEPING GIANT]]

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