Numbered By Color-CRASHDOG

In this humane society it’s easy to get by, just keep among your own, never question why. With a fortune fate, safety comes with the American pie while the ghetto projects are jails that scrape the sky Pride tears open the rift, Then the coward stands behind a clan. The animosity increases the pain And the fear has us numbered by color. Our cities cut and sectioned into ethnic hideaways hounded by the law of color. Shoot up for courage at an early age. The media fans the tension until they burst into flames. And the children are baptized in the sweat of your hate. The machine keeps on turning-you got no money, it has no time-while a gunshot has some mother’s son, forced to say his last goodbye. Rip the eye out of this race and we’d all be stumbling, lost, never knowing who to love or where to burn a cross! [[Category:Crashdog]]

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