o give thanks to the lord


O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good(3)
Yes eternal is His love
I will sing to my God never ceasing,
All my Life,
I will tell of His wonders,
He’s the maker of all,
earth and heaven,
Of the ocean,
the seas and all they hold !
The Almighty is faithful forever
He is just to the poor and the outraged
It is He who gives bread to the hungry
Who delivers the captives from their chains.
He gives sight to the blind in His mercy
And He raises the lowly the humble
It is He who gives shelter to strangers
The orphan and widow He defends
To the just, He is gracious and loving
But the wicked He calls and they stumble
Yes the Lord reigns forever and forever
He’s the King over Zion without end.

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