Oh No! Not Again-THE LEAD

Oh no I try to get myself to stop this sin but I just can’t seem to make it go away Oh no it must be something inside of me that says it want to go, but maybe I really want it to stay you you you seem to be always there just waiting just waiting for my weakness to emerge you you you like a stalking giant just waiting there until I get the urge chorus: Oh no . . . here it comes again It’s the same old-it’s that same old sin again Stop stop is what I shout is what I shout to myself but then I do it anyway repent and pray repent and pray I get on my knees and repent and pray when will this anguish end give it up give it up you’ve got to give it all up to God when will you ever learn fight fight you fight with all your flesh don’t you see it’s only by His power repeat chorus But I can do all things through Jesus Christ He give me the strength [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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