One of us is crying As our hopes and dreams Are led away in chains And we’re left all alone And one of us is dying As are love Is slowly lowered in the grave Oh,
and we’re left on our own But for all of us who journey Through the dark abyss of loneliness There comes a great announcement "We are never alone" For the One who made each heart that breaks The Giver of each breath we take Has come to earth And given hope its birth [Chorus] And our God is with us,
Emmanuel And He’s come to save us,
Emmanuel And we will never face life alone Now that God has made Himself known As Father and Friend,
with us through the end Emmanuel He spoke with prophets’ voices And He showed Himself in a cloud of fire But no one had seen His face Until the One most holy Revealed to us His perfect heart’s desire And left His rightful place And in one glorious moment All eternity was shaken As God broke through the darkness That had kept us apart And with love that conquers loneliness And hope that fills all emptiness He came to earth to show our worth [Chorus] So rejoice,
rejoice Emmanuel has come [Chorus]
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