There’s a chapel on wheels parked at a truckstop,
Somewhere in the southern part of Florida tonight; Many are blown in by a strong wind: It’s the wind of the Spirit. There’s a preacher with his head bowed There at the altar,
Whispering a prayer as the people wander in,
Sayin’ it’s You,
that they’re lookin’ for,
Whether they know it or not,
And that’s the reason I’ve got to go [Chorus] Out in the highways,
out in the highways. Maybe this will be the day they come to meet You on their way,
Out in the highways. There’s a church down on the corner with stained glass windows,
But time has stained the windows till no light is shining through; Those on the outside pass right by,
Lost on a dark endless highway. There’s a banner on the church wall They put up many years ago,
Reminding them that Jesus said ‘Go into all the world’; They need the Spirit wind to blow again And fan the flame of concern,
Take the truth that they’ve learned and go [Chorus] Out in the highways,
out in the highways. Open windows,
doors and hearts,
take the light into the dark,
Out in the highways.
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