Out Of Darkness-BLOODGOOD

I am the witness of disaster It seemed the only way was down I saw the wicked in his scheming I heard his victims crying out Why do the evil prosper, his victims crushed I see the shadows growing, I’ve had enough Out of darkness into the light I heard ten thousand cry Out of darkness into the light Turn or you will die My God how long will you forget me O Lord I need to see your face The enemy has come against me He laughs at me, prepared to slay Yet I will trust in You, Lord, my heart will sing I’ll wait to hear your voice God, you’ll hear me scream Out of darkness into the light See the demons flee Out of darkness into the light Jesus, set me free You are the helper of the helpless The adversary has no might I hear your voice of thunder, the lightning strikes The night will flee before you, you’ll win the fight [[Category:BloodGood]]

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