[Words and Music by Ted Kirkpatrick] The case of George Dedlow Double amputee, one of 500,000 Civil War casualties Suffered a phenomenon so bizarre Even the doctors looked on from afar How can you feel a leg that isn’t even there? From cold to burning heat To pain beyond compare Clinically known as phantomb limb So hard to treat, prognosis dim Brachial plexus avulsion They told you cycles were dangerous Nerves ripped from the spinal cord You certainly need the Lord But just like the feeling in your arm that is gone You’ve severed communication with Him all along Even though you know it’s totally wrong Spiritual death kicks off its swan song Don’t throw away the years He gives you By hardening your heart within you And if you cut off both your own legs And you have sworn just to ignore Him The phantom limb will start to haunt you He wants to bring you back, revive you [[Category:TOURNIQUET]] [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]]

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