== CHORUS 1 ==

I remember you precious Jesus,
I remember you healer of my heart lover of my soul
== VERSE 1 ==

On your sacred head a crown of thorns pressed on your sacred head mighty king of the universe,
merciful lamb for my sin you suffered and bled still father,
forgive them,
they don’t understand sweet savior,
I heard what you said Repeat Chorus 1
== CHORUS 2 ==

we remember Jesus,
we remember
== BRIDGE ==

As we drink from the cup of salvation,
your blood we remember your sacrifice we remember the way that you suffered for us
== VERSE 3 ==

Risen from the grave Christ immortal risen from the grace at Jerusalem’s gate how you wept for the lost even as palm branches waved then you proved how you loved us on Calvary’s cross and rose up on the third day so all who believe might be saved,
== ENDING ==

And we remember you precious Jesus,
we remember you Jesus,
we love you precious Jesus,
we love you Jesus,
we love you precious Jesus,
we love you healer of our hearts lover of our souls


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