I used to worry all the time About what you thought of me, In my struggle for acceptance I lost a lot of sleep. Under social tyranny I tried to measure up, When I denied who I truly was, I soon became the fool. What a shame. Never free to be me. Never free to be me. I used to think you had it all And that I was missing out, But once I took a closer look, I soon realized The luster of your lives Was just a bunch of veneer And all the happy memorie Were just a bunch of made-up lies. You lied. You try to keep up with the crowd, Never knowing who you are, Always changing Who you are. After years of failure, I finally got the clue. I’ve wasted half of my life Trying to be like you Now I know my Maker, I see who I was meant to be, I don’t need your social system, Or a fake identity. I’m FREE. [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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