Doubled over from mankind’s venomous bite. When the wind rises, Humanity is in jeopardy. A meltdown awaiting, A knee-jerk reaction. Our future depends upon one man’s decision. Infamous button, Luring the push. Will I be around, For the appointed touch? How long until, The world fizzles out? Closer to the inevitable end. Progressing yet nearer, I fear for the kids. Taking advantage, Of other countries. Not much time left, To watch our nation fall. What can we do as worthless creatures? That’s what we’re to believe. Fallout, That’s that we’re headed for. Jesus, Come soon and take us all away. America abusing it’s power like never before. Progression to and end, Our time is at hand. [repeat x3] [[Category:Christian_Punk]] [[Category:Dogwood]]

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