braces are coming off just in time for prom this year’s undersea theme will be the bomb turn the lights down low as the beat drops keep the subs maxxed out till we see cops we’ll be shaking this dance floor nonstop hey dj would you spin something we can dance to drop that needle like you mean it this could be the last dance we will ever have in high school so leave the bass ringing in my heart me and my date are showing up late tonight i’ve got a duct tape tux that glows under neon lights i’m not lookin for a teenage romance we can swap off dates for the slow dance i get nervous when we have to hold hands look like we bouncin’ in the club like what baby what show up rollin’ on some dubs like wooha wooha i be sippin on some punch like pt…ahhh…pt…ahhh when i’m leanin’ on the wall i’m like [insecure] [[Category:Eleventyseven]] [[Category:Christian_Punk]]


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