Question Stupidity-CRASHDOG

Don’t believe what you hear and see As the way things ought to be, Dime a dozen doctrines Are out there in the plenty. They twist the truth and say It’s technicality. They water down the meaning ‘Tiil it becomes a nullity. As long as it agrees With what they want to think, The truth that was once in their heart Will soon become extinct. It’s the fashion of today This Tinkertoy religion, But nothing lasts forever When it’s based on on your emotion. It’s time to question what you think, And challenge its validity, It’s time that you embrace the truth, And question stupidity. There’s so many ways In theology They try to make solutions Through psychology. What they have invented, Is some philosophical excuse, They blame their imperfections On ritual abuse. If you avoid the real problem You’ll never find relief, And if you want to be free, Then ditch your misbelief. How do you distinguish What is wrong from right When your standards are so relative And vary overnight? What it seems to me Is the Truth is what you fear, And if you face up to the facts You might lose what you hold dear – A make-believe reality Where you’re always right, So you concoct and fabricate To feed your appetite. [[Category:Crashdog]]

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