clinch your fist, knuckle down and bite your lip, this was never meant to be so permanent. it’s too late for my patience and grace, i’ll repeat what you said. i think youre better off dead. so draw your pistol. dont you dare hesitate, because i’m gunnin for you, just like youre gunnin for me. dont be shy, aim it high and to the right, you better make it count. you better make it count. i’ll vever haunt your dreams. that’s so cliche to say. and im not on e to play by the books. still, what we had is ganna serve a purpose. i’m using this death, as a lyrical hook. and when thety ask where youve gone, i’ll say, a better playce you’re in a better place, youre in a better place tonight. the funeral will consist of you and i im ganna burn down this bridge despite the wisest advice and i will fade into a small silhouette, with a shovel in hand, i’ll walk into the sunset. here’s lookin at you kid, there’s no strength in the easy way out [[Category:Write this down]] [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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