Remember Sammy Jenkis-STAPLE

Memories inside have captured me They’re sitting by my bedside and captivating my mind Vengeance is mine, or soon will be Revenge is my time-line; your payback is my deadline Is it everything I thought that it would be? Licking all of my wounds so faithfully Wanting peace, but flaunting this disease As this pain sleeps so bitterly This is life… What a glorious means to find release It’s your eye for my eye Can I keep living with this pain for my "relief?" It’s your eye for my life Bottled up inside, and swallowing me I’ve fallen in love with hate, and now I’m finding that it’s too late This bitterness won’t leave, so now I see By harboring these memories, they now own me "Retribution’s on the line. You’ll get yours and I’ll get mine." It’s not everything I thought that it would be – Living with the past, so fervently And all that I’ve learned through this misery Is that memory is treachery [[Category:Christian_Hard_rock]]

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