Return To Reality-YOUR MEMORIAL

Brothers and sisters take a look around at this polluted perverse world we live in What is the latest fashion? What’s the latest trend? On your list of priorities these shouldn’t even make the top ten So what’s going to be next? I think we all just need to take a step back Take a step back take a look to see what’s really going on What we can do to get the fallen on their feet This is the death of the flesh Lets end the separation With all the love in our hearts Today we stand united Just when you thought you had it all together Someone came behind you and pulled the rug from under your feet How does that make you feel? How could their impudence make you want to turn the other cheek What’s done is done just set it aside turn from their ways take back your life Animosity has crowded the streets we walk Deception has poisoned the air we breathe Return to reality this is no longer your carefree fantasy Lift up your heads O ye gates so we can see [[Category:Your Memorial]]

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