Return To Strength-Point Of Recognition

Deviation fallen away lost sight of goals set by god that we might bring glory to your name, set back stagnant air is all around still I continue to grow closer to the son, Jesus blood was shed for your sins. Pain what have I done where are you, you seem so distant yet at the door my abstraction pays me no mind, clear visual goals seem approachable your light now surrounds me I’ve been persecuted long enought, fight my battles with prayer see results soon enough, my enemies can’t withstand my kindness they break I fall I stand a conquerer overcome with pain you died why? You died for me yet I take advantage of that grace daily help me to return to a right walk with you for it is only by your strength and not my might that this is possible for you lord are my strength. God you are my strength, Jesus you are my strength. [[Category:Point Of Recognition]]

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