Lets reach middle america Assume the only thing they hear is this Tune it up spit it out see if anybody sticks Its so simplistic, masochistic The statistics show we’re getting bored with templates and now the kids want something different I’m not gonna rock like you rock I’m not gonna roll like you roll I’m gonna drop my own kind of beat I’m gonna sing my own kind of song I’m not gonna be a bodiless head thats all talk I’m not gonna rock like you rock Here’s a brand new business model Say a prayer then hit the throttle hard Sell it all as a jewel case covered hope Its imitation, segregation Mix it down and then spoon feed it to a nation but nobody wants to taste it I’m not gonna dance like you dance I’m not gonna flow like you flow I’m gonna top my own kind of charts I’m gonna play my own kind of shows I’m not gonna be a thought you bought in a box I’m not gonna rock like you rock [[Category:Eleventyseven]]

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