Rounded Are The Rocks-BLOODGOOD

No matter what you say You see it every day It’s all in front of you It’s inside you too It’s really everywhere If you would only care To look inside the truth There’s so much living proof Rounded are the rocks upon the beach That take the pounding of the waves It never ceases, never stops The crashing sounds of thunderous water as it hits Against the shore Only to pound once more Silently and safely quiet Far from shoreline battle fronts All is well and no one thinks Of danger ever lurking here Peaceful inlet well protected The rocks are sharp and unaffected There’s no pounding waves to round them Only bleeding feet have found them Pounding is the heart that beats alone Inside the soul surrounded By a man’s emotion and his thoughts While flesh and blood keep breathing Life out of the air provided By the highest power sighted Sitting at the right of glory Have you ever heard the story Rounded are the rocks Pounding id the heart One of man, one of God [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]]

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