I couldn’t reach the pedals,
but I could hold on to the wheel I was driving in the Indy in my Daddy’s Oldsmobile And I took the checkered flag and never took the car out of park Maybe I was sitting still,
but I was driving in my heart And then one day this young man’s dreams came true Dad threw the keys to me and said let’s see what you can do Fire up your engines,
come on let’s go This is where the rubber meets the road It’s time to put in motion everything you know This is where the rubber meets the road,
meets the road The rubber meets the road Well,
I drove about an hour and finally made it around the block I was in all of my glory,
Dad was in a state of shock But it didn’t take long for me to understand That the road’s a different place when the wheel is in your hand You can dream and scheme and talk about it,
read it in a book Look where you want to go,
but are you going where you’ve looked? [Chorus] I’ve got a Bible on the table,
I’ve got 5 more on my shelf I’ve got a head half full of knowledge far from what I’d call a wealth But I know what I do know,
better yet I know who knows me And He’s given us directions and He’s throwing us the keys,
saying . . .
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