Ruminating Virulence-TOURNIQUET

[Words and Music by Ted Kirkpatrick] Vision from the past As you see yourself floating to shore Tragedy that the water depth wasn’t Three feet more Diving from the cliff Never thought it would come to this Incoherent utterance "Don’t move the body like this" Years later in the metal chair Passing day after day Bitterness permeates everything I do and say What kind of God would do a thing like this? Ruin my life God’s got a funny sense of humor When it comes to strife The ways, mind and heart of God Are certainly mysterious "My plans are not your plans" But remember this That everything I do I do in love To bring you closer to me No matter what your problems or Circumstances happen to be When you put away bitterness You will see what you have missed [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]] [[Category:TOURNIQUET]]

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